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YPEI's 2019 Summer Session A Classes

The Yale Prison Education Initiative will offer students at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution two Yale accredited courses titled Philosophy S175: Intro to Ethics and Latin S110: Introduction to Latin as well as a not for credit class titled Literature S120: Introduction to Narrative taught by Victoria Baena.

Philosophy S175: Introduction to Ethics taught by Sam Berstler.

Introduction to the field of ethics. Topics include what morality requires of us, where moral requirements come from, and why be moral at all. Attention to theories associated with John Stuart Mill, Immanuel Kant, and Aristotle. Some consideration of how ethical theory can be applied to perplexing questions in society and in our personal lives.

Latin S110: Introduction to Latin taught by Nebojsa Todorovic. Emphasis on morphology and syntax within a structured program of readings and exercises. Prepares for LATN 120. No prior knowledge of Latin assumed.

Literature S120: Introduction to Narrative taught by Victoria Baena.

Introduction to techniques, strategies, and practices of reading through the study of key works in the epic tradition. Themes include the creation of cultural values and identities; the heroic in times of war and of peace; the role of the individual within society; memory and history; politics of gender, race, and religion. A particular emphasis is placed on themes of exile and return from antiquity to the present. We will pay close attention to developing the skills of textual analysis and the craft of persuasive argument through writing.

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