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What We Do

  • Offer Yale courses in Prison

  • Connect incarcerated students with resources

  • Assist in reentry

  • Advocate and educate


Courses in Prison


In collaboration with Yale Summer Session, the Yale Registrar's Office, and the Office of the Provost we have offered credited Yale courses to incarcerated students through a competitive admissions process since 2018.


Our course offerings, which are drawn from existing Yale College classes, recreate the rigor of those available to on-campus Yale undergraduates.


Periodically, we also program not-for-credit courses, seminar series, workshops, and guest lectures. Below are some of the courses we have previously offered.

Summer 2018
  • English S120: Reading and Writing the Modern English Essay

  • English S127: Readings in American Literature

  • Art S115: Basic Drawing 

  • Art S130: Painting Basics 

Fall 2018-Spring 2019

  • African American Studies 305a: African American Autobiography (not-for-credit)

  • Truth and Politics Seminar (not-for-credit)

Summer 2019
  • Literature S120: Introduction to Narrative (not for credit)

  • Latin S110: Beginning Latin 

  • Philosophy S175: Introduction to Ethics 

  • Sociology S151: Foundations of Modern Social Theory

  • Art S111: Visual Thinking

Fall 2019-Spring 2020
  • Topics in World Literature, 1789-1848

  • Latin Reading

  • Studio Art

  • Introduction to Ethnicity Race and Migration 

  • Concepts in Physics


Connect Incarcerated Students with Resources


We provide our students with the resources they need in order to ensure their academic success. Our staff and volunteers, including Yale faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates, are the first point of contact for our students and serve in many capacities, including as writing tutors, peer editors, discussion facilitators, and research partners. They ensure our students have access to the materials they need to succeed academically. Through our partnerships on campus, we are also able to connect our students to Yale resources.


Assist in Reentry


Though our primary work is to offer Yale College courses in prisons, our students' needs extend beyond the classroom. That's why we foster relationships with community organizations such as Project Fresh Start, Emerge CT, and The New Haven Reentry Roundtable to help our recently released students transition back to life outside of prison. Through these partnerships we are able to offer resumé-building help, assist with job search, and connect students with continuing educational opportunities.



Advocate for Higher Education in Prison


We are committed to the premise that education for incarcerated individuals is a worthwhile endeavor and support programs that offer access to higher education in prisons.


We advocate for this cause on- and off-campus, and seek to bring together Yale and the broader New Haven community around these issues. 

To view some of our past events, visit our archive

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