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College-to-Career Fellowship

The YPEI College-to-Career Fellowship Program matches formerly incarcerated degree alumni of any college-in-prison (CIP) program with up to two-year funded fellowship positions on either Yale's or University of New Haven's campus. This program allows an opportunity  for professional development, career exploration, and mentorship opportunities in a wide range of centers across the university and creates a cohort of Fellows integrated into the life of the university.





What is a fellowship?

A fellowship is an award granted to university students and graduates (at both the undergraduate and graduate level) that usually lasts a designated time period, often one to three years. In this case, YPEI’s College-to-Career program will last up to two years. Fellowships are not like full-time jobs and may involve varied types of tasks, including administrative, study, curatorial, teaching, or research-involved work. There is also the potential to rotate through different host sites. Another component of the fellowship is that the fellows together form a cohort community. Some examples of well-known academic fellowships include the Fulbright, Knights-Hennssey, Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Scholarships.


What kind of host sites are available?

We recruit host sites based on Fellows’ interests. Current possible host sites include:

  • Liman Center for Public Interest Law at Yale Law School

  • SEICHE Center for Health and Justice at Yale Law School and Yale School of Medicine

  • Yale University Art Gallery — Memberships Team

  • Yale Philosophy Department

  • Tow Youth Justice Institute at University of New Haven

  • Yale University Library

  • Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition

Please see appendix for a description of possible host sites. This list is not exhaustive.

How long is the fellowship and how much is the stipend? And does it have to be full-time?

The fellowship is designed to last for two years, but if a fellow finds an exciting job opportunity or wishes to leave, there is an option to end after one year. The stipend for fellows is $60,000/year. This year we are also allowing for the possibility of part-time fellowships, which may be open to candidates who have not yet completed a college degree.


Is this a reentry program?

Although currently incarcerated candidates pending release are welcome to apply, this is not a reentry program.


Who will fellows report to?

Fellows will be managed by YPEI staff and will report day-to-day directly to a host site mentor.


Do I have to live in New Haven?

Yes, fellows will be required to reside in the Greater New Haven area to take full advantage of the Fellowship. If you do not currently reside in Connecticut, YPEI is committed to providing the necessary documentation for your release or probation if interstate transfer is possible. 


When does the Fellowship start?

Fellowships terms begin in August.


What will the work schedule look like on a day-to-day basis? 

The fellowship is intended to give fellows, again, flexibility in determining their schedules with their sites and working at a pace that aligns with their own well-being. This is not intended to be a typical 9-5 position if that is not what the fellow wants. 


What can I expect to learn from the fellowship beyond my primary work responsibilities?

As a fellow working at one of our host sites within the broader university context you’ll have the opportunity to connect with and learn alongside people across the university.


How do I apply?

You or a proxy may fill out the application at this link: Please address any questions to

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