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2018-2019 Yale Faculty Guest Lecture Series

The Yale Prison Education Initiative would like to thank the Yale Faculty who presented guest lectures throughout the year on selected topics.

YPEI focuses on bringing Yale's on-campus resources to our incarcerated students. One way that we do this is through our guest lecture series which mirror those available for students on campus.

Year-round, we invite distinguished professors, scholars, and authors the chance to work with our students. Guest lectures cover a wide range of topics, offering the students an opportunity to discover new disciplines and delve deeper into topics beyond their coursework.

Guests have included:

  • Stephen Pitti (History/American Studies, Center for Study of Race, Indigeneity, Transnational Migration)

  • Samuel Moyn (Yale Law School/History)

  • Kathryn Slanski (Yale Directed Studies/Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)

  • Kishwar Rizvi (History of Art/Council on Middle East Studies)

  • Paul North (Philosophy/German)

  • Jason Stanley (Philosophy/Ethnicity Race & Migration)

  • Caleb Smith (English)

  • Monica Bell (Sociology/Yale Law School)

  • Emily Greenwood (Classics)

Image from Professor Kishwar Rizvi's Guest Lecture at YPEI

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