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"Life on Parole" : Documentary about Reentry in CT

On July 18, YPEI was invited to New York City for the premiere of "Life on Parole," a Frontline collaboration with the New York Times, and co-produced by Yale alumna Cynthia Farrar `76, Founder and CEO of Purple States TV.

Yale Law School professor Fiona Doherty, who directs the YLS Criminal Justice Clinic, was among those interviewed for the documentary. “The default mode with the criminal justice system, at least in the United States, is one of control and punishment," she said. "The conditions that are put on people who are coming out of prison to avoid going back to prison are very broad. If we could all be sent to prison for being late or occasionally having a glass of wine or the other expectations and standards that are laid on parolees we would all violate the conditions of parole."

Stream the full documentary online here.

Cynthia Farrar speaks after the screening at DCTV:

Cynthia Farrar speaks after the screening of the NY Times and Frontline's "Life on Parole" at DCTV in New York City.

Below, watch Amy Goodman spotlight Life on Parole on Democracy Now:

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