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Q: What is "COLLEGE BEHIND BARS?" What does it have to do with YPEI?

Q: What is a WATCH PARTY? How do I host one?


Register your "COLLEGE BEHIND BARS" Watch Party to Receive Hosting Materials from YPEI

After you submit this form, we will send you a digital package of materials for your watch party, including images to use on your invitation, information about YPEI and the national landscape of college in prison for your partygoers, and suggestions for ways to support higher education in prison.

*You can submit this form to receive a digital package from us regardless of how you're watching: with a group at a venue, at home with family, alone in bed...! Keep in mind your watch party does not have to be on the original airdates. We will keep this form live!

Is your screening...
Would you like help publicizing your event?

Thank you for submitting your watch party!

If you pledged a donation, you can click here to make a contribution to YPEI today.

You will receive an email shortly with a link to download digital hosting materials. If you haven't received it after a few minutes, check your spam folder.

Click here to register your watch party and receive hosting materials from YPEI.
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