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Professor Roderick Ferguson Talks About Teaching with YPEI in RITM Interview

Can you tell us about one of your best teaching experiences? "I’ve been fortunate to have so many wonderful teaching experiences, mostly at public universities and now at a private one. I thank the gods every day that I can teach interdisciplinary courses within interdisciplinary programs and departments. Students in those courses are generally poised for the harder social questions and for the epistemological innovations that answering them requires.... Definitely one standout and singular teaching experience has been the opportunity to teach in the Yale Prison Education Initiative. This has been my first time teaching in a prison, and I’ve just been blown away by the level of critical enga

Summer Program Highlight: Creative Writing Workshop

This summer, YPEI introduces a new remote Creative Writing Workshop with incarcerated students at MacDougall-Walker. Conceived and led by YPEI Fellows Ananya Kumar-Banerjee (‘21) and Minh Vu (YC ‘20, GSAS ‘26) in collaboration with Gabrielle Colangelo (‘21) and the Yale Literary Magazine, the Workshop is designed to provide incarcerated students with a sense of styles of writing across genres and forms through weekly course packets guest-edited by prominent writers from across the country. These packets include a robust set of readings curated by the writers, as well as writing prompts that encourage student engagement with fiction, poetry, cultural critique, and long-form narrative. The Wor

July Updates from YPEI

Read the full newsletter here; subscribe to our mailing list at this link. Dear YPEI friends and family, With each passing week, incarcerated students across the nation face increasing isolation, lack of access to the outside world (to family, friends, and programming), and the threat of the pandemic's spread to the vulnerable populations trapped inside our prisons. Since March, when Connecticut prisons indefinitely suspended all face-to-face programming, the YPEI team has worked hard to continue to serve incarcerated students by pivoting to correspondence-based programming. In this time, YPEI has sent over 300 mailings (including books, supplies, and course packets — see below) to incar